As We’re facing a real traffic mayhem nowadays in Egypt, implicating driving in banned high speeds, across the different roads, along with driving in the prohibited directions. To overcome such a problem in a native governmental way, it will be much costly because of the wide range of radars costs across the state. Therefore October 6 university department of Electrical and Telecommunications, proudly presents a set of fully featured solutions, via the traffic violation monitoring project based on a way very less expensive, as the driver will be responsible for funding his own personal system, within the license costs. This project aims to solve the former problem by providing wisely handled rules and limits to control and monitor the different types of wagons and vehicles all over Egypt. Using a smart GPS/GPRS based system attached to the different types of mentioned trucks, built on Raspberry PI 3, this system allows authorized observer to monitor and control the speed of vehicles via online platform, hosted on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) web server consists of Front-End web portal provides set of options to monitor and control the vehicles, in semi real-time via the GPS/GPRS shield integrated into TVM system, attached to the vehicles, the observer will be able to track vehicle’s current location using the automatically generated processed GPS raw NMEA data. Sent to Google Maps Geolocation API, In case of any traffic speed violation, a high-frequency alarm tone will be played to the driver and the
authorized observer will be able to remotely control the vehicles, with a hit of a button by sending SMS from the same online platform to the SIM card inserted in the onboard GPRS module once the smart Linux based TVM system reads the message. A following code will be executed to open a relay based circuit preventing the car from exceeding the limit and thus a violation record will be automatically generated and sent to the back-end database, hosted on the LAMP Server!